Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Flowers at River Bank

This is a flowers at river bank. I don't know the name of this flower, but I found it is quite attractive. Another shot here for little more close up. Most of the year, it is a glossy large green leaves, and when the time comes it present this to us.


  1. That is a great shot, nice job! I love the contrast of the shade & brightness of the flowers.

  2. Almost like some kind of foxglove...

  3. Wow, it's really beautiful!! I used to know a lot of flowers name, but now I almost remeber two or three... what a disaster! It has an amazing structure when you see it enlarged
    great photo!

  4. Beautiful flower that I don't know the name of either. I love the subtle colors in this shot.

  5. Either that is a VERY tall flower or you were down on the ground looking up. Its very pretty but unknown to me as well.

  6. i like the shape of that flowers... ^^

  7. Cheers Nikon!

    Piika, it dose looks like foxglove, but I think it is different but I still don't know the name. I may need to check at nursery.

    Dsole, thanks for complement.

    Thanks photowannabe, I agree about the comment about colour.

    Faye, it is quite tall but I did take this from little bit low angle from my hip level.

    Thanks Giuce. I think it's attractive to see in group like this.

    Thanks for stopping by Navin.

  8. Wow - the flowers at the river bank almost don't look real - how exotic!

  9. I agree. it is exotic. Thanks Rita.


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