Friday, January 19, 2007

Flying Girl

7PM, Saturday 6 January, Kaiteriteri Beach. Can you feel the little girl is in a panic to squeeze as much fun out of the last minutes of the holiday as possible?


  1. That looks like so much fun. enjoy the last days of summer. They should be savored. Which reminds me, my just turned 7 year old granddaughter was eating her cookie so slowly that her Mom said to hurry up and get finished. She said she couldn't because she was savoring it. That choice of word blew me away. Not many barely 7 yr. old use that word in conversation.

  2. Panic ? Tyrolean traverse is so fun !

  3. when we go traveling, there's no night and no day. its a 25 hours day during holidays.

  4. i can hear she screaming iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiihh!!!!!
    Too much fun!! Love all that green there, so beautiful!

  5. I agree, the greenery is gorgeous. What a nice spot. That girl looks so cute!

    Thank you for such a nice comment today. I will miss posting a lot. But I'll visit.

  6. Thank you for your visits, people. This was the last day of the grown-ups' holiday so kids still have until the end of Jan but she was going to squeeze every last second of the last day on Kaiteriteri - her two siblings already looked a little bored, but good on her mother for just letting her enjoy the last minutes. I could not take my eyes off of the wee girl.

    Photowannabe, I must say, I didn't use the word until ... gee... I think I don't still use the word. In NZ, if you want scones or muffins, you have a choice of sweet or savory (cheese, meat, veggies) so savory has come to mean "not sweet" - I just get back to the original use.

    Matthieu, obviously you've done it??? I think I'll go later at night when all the kids are gone - I am dying to try it. Here it's called the Flying Fox.

    Kris, I think grown-ups do it here, too; I've just not seen anyone yet.

    Kropok Man, true - but even as a kid I remember the dreadful feeling on the last day when I knew we would be going home - I had to pretend to be super excited or I'd start crying.

    Dsole, when's the last time you had too much fun like this?

    Ruth, we're on the look out for leek now!

  7. What a great photo! I would call her fearless!

  8. Thank you, Lavender Lady. I would have thought it would be a pretty daring thing to do considering her size, but she was at it for quite a long time, going pretty fast, too.

  9. Hey, this photo just made my day--brought back memories of when the children were small. Wish I could see the expression on the girl's face.

  10. Rudy GirĂ³n1/22/2007 5:48 pm

    What a great caputure you have here. It really makes you feel the fun the little girl is having.

  11. Cristina, I didn't get close enough to her to see her face, to tell you the truth.

    Rudy, she WAS having a great time, though I think her siblings were starting to a little bored.


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