Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Footbridge in The Rain

Believe it or not, this is a private bridge. This photo was taken 9 Jan 2007 near the gorge in Brightwater.


  1. Giuce,
    I guess because it's on a private property. There is a big farm in this area.

  2. Long bridge, I hope it is stronger than it looks. The picture looks great enlarged. Nice clouds in the background.

  3. Thanks, Photowannabe. It looked quite solid to me, considering only for few people at one time...

  4. Beautiful photo Ben, enjoyed it very much!


  5. That looks like a very thin bridge--can people drive across it? And the clouds in the background look very mysterious. Do you get much rain during your summer season?

  6. Thanks Lachezar.

    Cristina, No car, only people walking may be bike (bicycle in NZ) is ok. I had no chance to ask owner through... We had quite bit of rain in that week but Nelson is kind of famous for sunshine.


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