Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Mother's Mixed Feelings

I was very lukewarm about Early Settlers until last week, when I got up close and personal. It's quite a good piece of work. Look at the mother, for example; at once she looks relieved to be off the ship, a little worried about what to expect from her new home, and probably is wondering how she is going to feed her family on this first day.


  1. You're right, the sculptor managed to get a lot of feeling into her face. Nice one.

  2. It's a great photo and I appreciated the link. I love learning new information.

  3. You really discovered a whole lot of meaning in this face. I think you are right on. Its a lovely bronze.

  4. Thanks for stopping by everyone. Each face show different thought and everyone may receive different message from them. It's so fascinating to look at the faces.

  5. I totally get what you mean. Perhaps in the full-view photo the statues are easy to glance at and think one has seen all there is to see. Your close up shows the ignorance of that.

  6. Thanks for your visits, people.

    Ruth, yeah, and it took me three visits to see the faces individually. I think there are expression on their hands, too, which I might go and see if I can capture.

    Lavender Lady, welcome.

    Photowannabe, thanks!

    Ben, what a good minder of this DP.

    Lessie, EXACTLY! Thank you. And I'm one of those people who are particularly bad at paying attention to details.

    Bernard, merci et bienvenue.


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