Saturday, January 27, 2007

Oh You Fabulous Women You!!!

Lovely Kath Bee and her friends busked as Nancies in front of the ANZ bank, 1pm yesterday.

Nelson is kind to buskers, and if you're really good, people will come up and demand to buy your CD. These women were, I say in a totally unbiased way, superb. The pitch was perfect (except when they had one glitch), atmosphere just delightful, and two of them write songs to boot.

If I remember correctly, there's a buskers' festival next week.


  1. Sorry Meg, I'm unfamiliar with the term busker...what does it mean?
    It looks like a great way to get a few preview of a CD.

  2. We have quite a few buskers here, too - they work legally in the subway system.

  3. I'm sure I must have seen the word buskers used in a novel. But I think this may be the first time I have seen the word used in a modern context. I see this as one of the Daily Photo benefits. The sharing of phrases from the other side of the world.

  4. Thank you for your visits. Buskers are street performers, with hats/guitar cases/cups in front for the audience to give money. In Nelson, a number of them are serious musicians doing it for fun, or because they are asked, or because they want to try something with someone else. We also see students trying to raise funds to attend master classes, overseas competition or performance schools in Auckland or in Australia. We also see bigger groups (as in the Girls' College Jazz Band, raising funds. As part of the New Year Jazz festival, groups from the bigger cities are also asked to perform in key locations in the city, as in the front of ANZ Bank here.

    If you ask me, it takes guts, but if you're really good you are surrounded by appreciative audience, and they won't let you stop or leave afterwards.

  5. Oh, so that's what a busker is. So which one's your friend KB?

  6. Thank you Meg for taking the photos and for being there on Friday. Thank you for saying such lovely things about us too!! =)

    We got around $82 from the generous and appreciative audience and have now paid off our new mixer!! Yay!

    Cristina, I am the one with the guitar. Looking at this photo, I may have to dye my hair to fit in!!

  7. Cristina, now you know!

    KB, ummmm.... KB, what's a mixer? I don't have one in the kitchen...


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