Saturday, January 20, 2007

Salt Water Cafe & Bar

When we went there, it was under previous management and called Olivia's; they served good seafood and wine. On the left are a fish monger and one of the most popular fish & chips shops in town. This is Wakefield Quay, near these folks.


  1. I love seafood... and now I'm hungry!

    Lovely blue sky, we could do with some of that!

  2. Looks like a great place to go and have a wonderful meal. Make that reservations for 2 more please.

  3. did you have your lunch or dinner there?

  4. it sound great... i like so much seafood!!!

    have a great weekend meg and ben ^.^

  5. Looks like some american similar diners. Some things are everywhere the same it seems.

  6. I love design of the building with all the windows. What is the big tower?

    I also love the term "fish monger". I don't hear that here.

    Fish and chips.. mmmm

  7. Hey Meg! Ditto what Mountainboy said up there!

    But shhhhhhhhhhhhh...don't ruin his day by telling him we have all the blue sky anyone could want right now! ;)

    Hey! Let's all just have a virtual meal together! FUN!

  8. Thank you every one.

    Mountainboy, I love sea food, too!

    Photowannabe, Yes of course!

    Keropok man, We haven't been there after the management was changed. But I'm sure they are good as well as before.

    GiuCe, you have a great weekend too!

    Ovelikios, I haven't thought about American Dinner. Ummm, it could be...

    Faye, Tower belong to the Holcim. Ltd. I think it is something to do with cement. It was there before Cafe is built.

    Ame, "Virtual meal together!", sounds like a plan!

  9. Now run by Vivienne Fox who started up and successfully operated Mapua Smoke (sadly on a downhill slope since she left).
    Pretty uninspired food once you leave the F&C arena...

  10. Wow, thanks John. You really have good knowledge around. I had this in somewhere in the back of my head that the place is connected to Mapua Smoke house but wasn't so sure.

  11. And the new people at Mapua Nature Smoke also have Flax. Same story - definitely downhill

  12. I thought the Walnut Cafe man owned Flax. (And yes, folks, live in Nelson long enough and you get to pick up these things.)

  13. We occasionally have some food at smoke house. I actually like that place. The next door (Flax) is different story, somehow I never been there. I've been there before it became Flax and we were served a breakfast at 3pm.


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