Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Someone Else's Sandcastle

Where else but Rabbit Island. The wind was getting stronger, and the castle was crumbling even as I shot the pictures, and I kept thinking about Osgiliath; too much The Lord of the Rings DVDs over the holidays. Here are some other shots, including an "aerial" shot.


  1. A sand made ruin was there.

  2. Its sad when all that works just fall away. That's sometimes like our castles in the air.
    Nice pictures and details.

  3. This looks like fun and is something I would have done when I was young. The feather tops it off nicely :)

  4. What dreams are contained in that structure? One imagines . . .

    You dreamed of Osgiliath. I would dream of fairies.

  5. Thanks for your visits, ladies.

    Annie, too much LOTR DVDs, yes!


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