Wednesday, January 10, 2007


We stopped by to buy a bag of cherries and apricots and I found this. It's a nice blue sky and interesting clouds featuring this trailer. To the left was a stall selling cherries and apricots; we couldn't buy any because Meg had spent all the cash buying strawberries at a fancier stall down the road.


  1. the sky is so special there...I like to look at this photo:)

  2. Well that's a bummer. Those strawberries better be really good.
    Love the clouds and this composition.

  3. Thanks!
    Can you imagine I took this from my driver seat (parked at car port)?
    My roof was wide open so I stick my camera on the top of front window and shot this.
    The camera is not wide enough so I took two landscape angles and stitch them in vertically (and then clopped it a bit).

    I recon, the software did amazing job for blending them.

  4. Miamm! I really could eat a whole kilo of stawberries today...but here we only have some poor apples or oranges! We have to wait for May...

  5. Ah, I'm glad you mentioned that you stitched them together. I would not have known.

    I guess mare's tails aren't as tasty as cherries or apricots, but they sure do look appealing here. Great feeling of space, as well. Kudos!

  6. he he, I wish I had really wide lens and SLR on that day, but stitching is kind of fun.

    Strawberries were not bad. Actually, it was quite goodjavascript:void(0)
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  7. hahaahah..i like your account of grocery shopping! strawberries cost a bomb this season, i'm not surprised

  8. Kris,
    Yap, those stands are only accepting cash, often no changes available.
    Because of popularity of electric money in NZ, we usually not carry much cash. Then we saw a strawberry stand and spend what ever we had on hand. (not much actually).

  9. i want to taste all of them. strawberries, cherries and apricots!

    today, i was digging for a container to store somethings and I found that I have a made in NZ, ice cream container. it was some Kapiti Ice Cream container.

  10. I have got quite good local apricots at super market. Those are very sweet and some time gets little sour one. Although, both are very nice.

    Kapiti Ice Cream is very good quality ice cream, Keropok Man.

  11. Keropok Man, Kapiti Ice Cream is one of the most delicious brands. They are reputed to have a lemon grass flavoured one that you can buy only on the Kapiti Coast or maybe Wellington, and I looked and looked while I was there last October to no avail. I haven't given up yet - we might go on a holiday on Lower North Island so I can find that...

  12. I bought the Fig with something flavour. It was deeeeelicious!


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