Sunday, February 18, 2007

Cathedral, Musicians and Fish

A lovely cafe, Broccoli Row, was closed and its backyard garden/eating area turned into yet another uninteresting office block. Men are busily rushing to finish it, rushing past me, leaving cement footprints and oily residue on the footpath.

I hope you hose down the lovely manhole cover before you go away!


  1. I sometimes hate to see the distruction all in the name of progress. What a wonderful manhole cover. I hope there is some preservation of that piece of art.
    I'm having trouble posting my picture on my blog today. I'm not sure if its coming through finally or not.

  2. This manhole cover IS lovely!

  3. I have some photos of manhole covers, too. I will post about it. I didnt know it is called manhole cover...why even manhole?

  4. fantastic manhole cover.... there oughtta be more of them all over the world!

  5. that's a shame for the Broccoli Row cafe and a wonderful manhole cover, very arty, unlike the ones we have.

  6. Thank you for your comments, people.

    Photwannabe, the demise of Broccoli Row was a definite decline of Nelson culinary scene as we knew it. She's doing catering now, but she's so busy it's hard to even get her to ring us back!

    Phlegmmy, isn't it just?

    Zsolt, it's called a man hole cover because a man (or a woman) can go down the hole, I think. My parents are here and we had the last of the marzipan last night, and Dad had lots of stories of when he visited Budapest, starting in 1976.

    Piika, yes, I think so. I envy some of the cities with beautiful covers.

    Jazzy, exactly. All other covers that I've seen so far around here are rather boring ones, though.

  7. What a fabulous manhole cover! Proves what can be done when design is applied to an ordinary item. It just shows, it pays off handsomely to be looking every angle as one ambles about each day.

    Steve in sunny Chicago, IL

  8. Steverino, it's nice to have every day things that are beautiful, isn't it? Thanks for visiting NDP.


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