Thursday, March 08, 2007

Choking Gargoyle

It's not on the roof, but to the side of the front entrance of the Cathedral. I thought at first, "Oh, nice, a bird gargoyle; how New Zealand!", but on approach, I realized it was a lion with a bit of spouting stuck in his mouth. Now that I've got a minor dental surgery pending, this is no laughing matter, folks.

Happy International Women's Day, International Women! Happy Birthday baby brother, a ripe old 35 years old! Happy Birthday Kuala Lumpur DP by Sheila and Ed.


  1. I thought it was a nesting bird! :)

    And thanks so much for the birthday shout-out!
    And happy birthday to your baby brother too!

  2. A lion??
    I can't see iiiiit

  3. Thanks for your visits, guys.

    Lilly, welcome to Nelson!

    Eddie, pleasure. And I hope you have a great time at the Great Gettogether - will be thinking about all you three.

    Dsole, can't you? Gee, I'm a very short person, so maybe I'll have to go back with a ladder next time.

  4. Interesting bird.
    Happy birthday to your baby brother too!

  5. Sorry, but Dentistsgive me the wilies...funny picture and i hope you don't have problems with your surgery.
    Happy birthday to baby brother too.

  6. Thanks, people. The baby is actually 36 now - no wonder I need 4 pairs of glasses!!

  7. I spotted a similar lion in Venice. I felt almost sorry for him. ;-)

  8. You mean, Meirisi, this is not a uniquely Nelson torture method?

  9. Nice gargoyle. I think you're right that a bird would have been better...functionally at least since you could better hide the lead spout.

  10. Wishes to your bro too.

    I never like gargoyles, they look too spooky tot me.. :(

  11. I love your sense of humour Ben!

    Hope the dental surgery went OK!

  12. All credits goes to Meg.
    She's waiting the appointment and I hope it's going to be ok, too.


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