Wednesday, March 14, 2007


This is another entry from Red Rock Racer. Sadly the rubber peeled off from wheel and crashed into the barrier. No one was injured. It is really great design, by the way.


  1. How sad for the racer. This has been a great series on the Trolly Racers.

  2. How old are the folks racing these? Teenagers?
    Somebody put a lot of work into that one - I hope they don't get discouraged.

  3. In the US the "Soap Box Derby" use to be a big deal, but they were never this fancy that I recall. Fun stuff.

  4. How does it feel to be a photo journalist, Ben?
    A car accident, a crowd, & you right in the middle of it - good timing :)

  5. Thanks Photowannabe, one to come.

    Nikon, the racer is from little kids to the 80+ years old boy. Donno about photo journalist thing but it is a real complement (thanks!).

    Bill, I was expecting someting like you described here. SO we can get good laugh and fun time all together. Well, everyone was dead serious.

  6. This one really looks well designed,
    and it seems that the event was great fun too.


  7. Cheers, Lachezar.
    Some of the trolley is really amassing in it's design and built. This one is one of the best and I think it is piece of art.


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