Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Fire Station Mural

One of the town art at Nelson Fire Station.

We had the last census a year ago tonight, and Meg found some final numbers, so here they are:

On the night of 7 March 2006, the there were 4,143,279 persons in New Zealand; of them 115,332 were overseas visitors. The population shows an increase of almost half a million in 10 years, and it nearly doubled in 50 years.

Nelson City had 42,891 persons, compared to 40,239 of 10 years ago. (So why on earth are we so short of parking spaces???)

The neighboring Tasman District, (Richmond, Hope, Golden Bay, Murchison) had 44,625 persons, compared to 37,971 of 10 years ago.

For more information, check here.


  1. Thanks Ben for the information. Someday I sure would like to be one of the overseas visitors.

  2. This is a particularly good one.

    I love the murals I've found while traveling in New Zealand. I hope somebody takes the time and documents them. Would you post a close up when you have some time?


  3. wow that's really well done!

  4. Wow! Now's that a brilliantly artistic way of making the station look fresh and exciting.

  5. Thanks All! I will try close-up when I fond there is no car parking in the front.


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