Saturday, March 10, 2007

Let Me Out

You may remember this guy from this post, or rather, it wasn't until Dallas Rita suggested I try in B&W that I noticed him. I think he might be from the Easter Islands. And while I'm at it, can you see his chubby mate here?


  1. wow that's a little weird! Great that you spotted it!

  2. OT - Sorry Meg, can't find your email, so I'll ask my question here:
    Read your comment at Nikon's about your dental predicament. I am in the same boat this very minute - already root-canalled/capped tooth is infected, they want to pull it. What course of action are you pursuing?

  3. Good luck to both of you!

  4. My, my, Isabella, commiserations to us both! I think the worst part is since Paul (the dentist, not Nikon) told me this is semi-serious, it started to hurt more! So far I'm on over-the-counter pain killers sporadically , but I got my emergency antibiotics yesterday just in case it gets bad over the weekend.

    My options were to A) dismantle the crown and the 'stud', rework the root canal, get a new stud and crown; OR B) cut the gum from the side and put a 'stopper' below where the roots used to be, above where the swelling is.

    Paul said medically Option A is better, but because my stud is so firmly in place he wasn't sure if he wanted to proceed. With Option A, there is always the chance the stud/crown might not work and my having to have a bridgework instead. Option B takes less time and therefore fewer $s.

    I already have two more bridgework, so that was the deal-breaker for me: I'm going with Option B.

    Good luck to you, dear Isabella. So far the earliest appointment I could get is 11 April, but I'm on the waiting list if something comes up. When is yours?

  5. Meg,
    My dentist feels that option A might not work as a permanent solution (infection might reoccur) and did not offer me option B.
    He proposes option C - to pull the tooth out and replace it with an implant (I am sooo done with root canals and caps!).
    My appointment is on Monday (one benefit of non-socialized medicine ;-), but I have been on antibiotics for a week now and with the added benefit of some pain killers, I am getting better.
    Of course, there is also option D - to kill the dentist who gave me the faulty root canal! It might make me feel even better...
    Take care, definitely take antibiotics and keep yourself drugged to the max ;-)

  6. Isabella, I don't really either either A or B is permanent. Your Option C wasn't a real option for me, because Paul said it's a little too far back for implant. Option D - that still doesn't eliminate our pain, though, and I don't think we want to be on antibiotics forever.

    Oh, Paul did have Option E: pull tooth out and forget about it; not really an option, is it?

    I'll be thinking of you Monday and Tuesday (your Monday), then.

    PS - Dentistry is all private, but Paul is kind of popular, ergo the long wait and the hefty bill. Yikes...

  7. Hmmm, shooting the dentist is an option, perhaps you could talk him over to your pond for a swim.
    Meg, I dodn't know what to tell you - u've opted for the bridgework?

  8. Nah, the Cut-and-Paste Option B. Quick and dirty (and hopefully comparatively cheap.)

  9. Good luck with the whole tooth thing. How I dread going.
    Loved your funky picture, Meg.

  10. Oh my! I'll hope everything goes fine with the teeth problem... I have to remove my wisdom teeth and that makes me really nervous!
    by the way, this is a great pic, also i love the title, good luck!


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