Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Mall-to-Be

This was taken from Seymour Place, the street next to Hardy Street; can you see the facade in the distance? The metal roof structure was removed last week. To the left of the wall is another demolition site about the same size, and together it will be the site of the new mini mall, approximately one city block wide, and one city block deep.


  1. Another mall! Do you have gazillion malls there as well? Jakarta has too many of them. How're you and Ben by the way?

  2. Its amazing how one mall after another is going up all across the world. Keep us updated on the progress here.

  3. Really, how many malls do we need? Well, actually, in Nelson, there are no big malls, so I wouldn't mind them if they were interesting, but it's all women's clothing and trinkets. Why not another bookshop? A map show? A cafe that serves just... teas? Second hand CD and record shop? (We still have a working turn table with a needle.) A stationary store - not just greeting cards, but beautiful writing papers and notebooks? Another art supply shop? Fabric shop in town????? Art book shop? *&%$#@!!!!!


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