Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Port Nelson, Monday Night

There was a weavers' meeting I desperately wanted to go Monday night, in Blenheim, so Ben drove me there. On our way home, around 11.30PM, we say lots of lights at the port, so we drove passed to see a big container ship and men still working. Can you see one of the guys? I'm pretty sure they were loading, as we are not a big importing location, but we couldn't be sure.

Neither of us had a tripod, but I don't think it would have made a difference because we're into something like the fifth day of non-stop gale-force winds; I rested the camera on sign posts and fences, but it didn't matter because I started to shiver in the wind, and towards the end, I was shooting semi-blindly, which is always kind of thrilling.


  1. Nice shot - I love ship photos - got the Port of Providence about a mile away in a straight line.

  2. Yep! I see a guy on the right hand side! What a site that might have been to see so late at night.

    I really miss the sea. Lived close to it when I lived in Northern Ireland but now I guess we're about 2 days away.

    Pat's Photos and
    Guelph Daily Photo

  3. I like the way the lights highlight the cargo. It gives a good focal point and makes the composition interesting.

  4. Wow big ship. I found the guy in the bigger version and he looks so small. Nice find.

    Hope you enjoyed the weavers meeting :)

  5. Thank you for your visits.

    Paul, yeah, you're near the sea, too, aren't you? I like cargo ships better than cruise ships, though.

    Pat, I lived in Minnesota off and on for 10 years - I couldn't believe it when adults told me they had never seen the sea.

    Photowannabe, thanks. The lights were really blindingly bright, and I hate to be living in the expensive high rises across the way.

    Faye, it was really a chance find. And thanks, it was a great meeting.

  6. I finally did see the tiny person. Amazing to see things like this.

  7. Thank you, Mr Prez. I saw another man while shooting, but not this guy - now I can't find the first guy!


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