Thursday, March 15, 2007


Those are one of my favourites. A replica of Audi and Bugatti. Here is the shot just after finish their run.


  1. they must be lots of fun despite the risks involved!

  2. Colorful and these trollies are works of art.

  3. Very cool looking! How fast can they go?

    (is Meg OK? she did not answer my email)

  4. Great shot.I like the colors.Good composition and point of view.Well done!

  5. Thank you, everyone!
    The event is quite well organised and I think it is safe.
    There are lots of well made trolleys. We still had basic one like racing cart with no motors. I bet everyone had great thrill and enjoyment on that event. I decided to add few more shot in series collection.
    This one is going around 40Kph in my memory in normal run.

    PS. Meg's OK for now and waiting her appointment. Thanks for asking this, Isabella.


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