Sunday, March 11, 2007

Trolly Derby

At the "Collingwood Street Freeshchoice Trolley Derby", Yesterday. This is an annual event and a quite lots people compete the speed.
One of the race called "Monaco style" which is push start and compete the pure speed. Today's recorded was 70Kph. A local police officer is there and using a speed gun to measure the speed at goal line. According to the officer, if we run this street 70Kph in normal occasion, we will get $125 fine and loose a merit.
One trolley just can not measured because of its shape and all shiny surface. This one get special recognition.

I have few more shots to show you from this event.


  1. Great shot - & so summery!
    Here we have the "soap box derby" where kids put wheels on boxes & make a "car." They are getting more & more aerodynamic styling as the years go on. Not just wheels on a box, anymore.

  2. This looks like great fun- was it in Collingwood? Did you enter?

  3. Thanks!

    Nikon, It was great fun day out, I think we used to have a demolished category (or may be I'm confusing with somewhere else), but not on that day.
    Your "soap box derby' sounds fun too! Trolleys here is same as your soap box, more aerodynamic, more speed and control over the past years. Some of them are really high-tech and clever design.

    Louise, I did not enter but really fun to take picture around. It's the Collingwood Street in town where we have a quite steep slope and long straight stretch.

  4. What a fun neighborhood event. That's pretty fast for rhw carts.

  5. Great photo and a very interesting event.

  6. Thanks, Photowannabe and Tanty.

    Some are relatively slow but average about 38Kph (without push start) for winning trolley. But it still fast! This is fun event to watch.


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