Monday, April 16, 2007

Beach Cricket

Kiwis speak nostalgically about playing cricket on the beach in summer, but this is the first time I saw such a big group of grownups playing. And good on them!

Rabbit Island, Ester Sunday.


  1. Great shot again, I don't know if this is technically a landscape or a seascape :) but the mountains & sky certainly catch your eye.

  2. what a great backdrop to the cricket game!

  3. The whole scene is very appealing!

  4. lovely blues, a beautiful backdrop to the cricket match...wonderfully captured shot:)

  5. Thank you for visiting, everybody. You may or may not know that the Cricket World Cup is being held in the West Indies just now, with murder and intrigue and good weather... I think...

    We don't watch cricket; we don't really understand it, and truth be told, we haven't got time for a sport that has breaks with cups of tea in the middle of the game.

    Nevertheless, beach cricket looks really fun; it's almost like Thanksgiving day football, except you don't have to wait for that one day of the year.


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