Monday, April 02, 2007

Best Island

Workmen were doing something interesting by the side of the road and we were both watching them and missed the turn on Landsdowne Road on our way from Hoglands. Suddenly we were driving towards Best Island, a place we've only heard of but didn't have a clue where it was, amidst a view like this. We could see Rabbit Island, but there were no roads towards it that we could see. Here's a map/areal photo of the area. And now that we know where it is, well, we've been looking at it right outside our living room window for the last 10 years.

On Best Island is the Greenacres Golf Course; they've made the national news a few times because the course always had married couples' tournament, and some people who are partnered, cohabitating, or civilly united by civil union ceremony could not take place in the tournament. I can't remember how or if they resolved it, but I remember hysterical women expressing indignation on the radio; the defendants of the tournament were usually men.

And if you want to play golf there, you have the option to stay at the GreenAcres Motel. I've seen both Best Island and Bests Island, and I can't tell you which is the correct name.


  1. Amazing to be in the antipodes... I was seeing the April 1st photo theme when I landed on April 2nd!
    Actually Nelson is 41º18'S & 173º16E, and there is a place in the northern part of Portugal called Carviçais, near Bragança which is 41º18'N & 6º88'W. Quite close! Take care.

  2. Hey Meg, beautiful shot. i love the layers of color and the framing that the horizontal lines make.

  3. i echo photowannabe, this is a wonderful shot! about the story, hmm..interesting

  4. Meg, that's absolutely surreal! Great photograph!

  5. I like how the water is shining:)

  6. I love that there is a Best Island. Beautiful photograph - love the layers, sky and clouds and distance and nearer and nearer - and then the reflection. Wonderful.

    Thankyou for visiting yesterday and especially for your comments on my dog blog. Made my day! I went to bed grinning. Thanks so much.

    Jilly (Monte Carlo and Menton DP)

  7. Thank you for your visits, everybody. It was amazingly quiet and had a real country feel so close to everything else in Richmond. I'm looking that was just now - it's kind of nice to know I'm looking at a separate island rather than... just in that direction. Another benefit of taking part in DP?!?!?


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