Saturday, April 28, 2007

Browsing in Everyman Records

Everman on Hardy Street is the bigger of the two independently-owned CD shop. Wait, did I say CD? Everyman reduced the classical music section to nothing, and brought back a tiny (used) LP Record section. I spent half an hour browsing, and almost bought a couple at between NZ$6 and NZ$12, (we still have Ben's turntable hooked up to the system), but in the end I didn't because I couldn't be bothered thinking about turning the record over.

As a small I kid, I could drop the needle on the exact position I intended in the middle of any song, which was something of a family party trick. Amazingly, in retrospect, my parents let me do it on any of my records.

Looking at the names of the bands at Everyman, I was surprised how recently LPs went out and and CDs came in. Album covers themselves were art way back, and they were fun to see again, also.

So, how many of you never bought an LP record in their lives? How many remember the days when DJ meant something quite different?


  1. I remember when Album cover art was a very big deal - especially with aspiring photogs. We'd study the style of the pros & hope to some day get an album cover that we took grace some groups cover.

  2. The LP records & GP records are still quite popular here in Calcutta also & its wonderful going down memory lane still in this advanced age.

  3. Paul, an album cover would make a good Theme Day theme, don't you think?

    Kalyan, perhaps you cloud export LPs over here. There were these stange sized ones, too - much bigger than the doughnuts, but smaller than the LPs - I wonder if they were the 78s, which were even before my time.

  4. records were so much better because there was always great art on them...

  5. bad bad bad! ^^

    oh Ben I have some LP from a long time ago... they were special!

    About your comment on the sunsent in my blog, of course no offence! I'm glad that you tell me, but I liked the colour of the sky, so i didn't clop oof it ;)

  6. Meg, your comment on my site you mentioned high-speed car chase scene...what you meant by that?:) I missed something in Budapest?:)

  7. Album cover art or movie posters or just faces. It might be interesting to have a day of people portraits.

    I like your photograph a lot. Started me to thinking and that's not good.

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  8. Never bought any LPs. I haven't bought that many CDs either. Guess I don't buy a lot of music.

  9. Thank you for visiting, people.

    Piika, exactly!

    Dsole, we have Bad in a CD - I didn't realize there was an LP of it available. I remember in the mid-80's I went buying a bunch of LPs because I just couldn't get excited about CDs, and of course didn't have a player yet, either.

    Zsolt, oh, we were just teasing. We both watch lots of trashy police and crime shows... I know most storylines are same-old same-old, but we still do...

    Well, Mr Prez, it can't be that bad... Say, I read in Kalyan's blog that you were stationed in Japan way back - which part?

    Z, oh well, there you go. Do you download much, then?

  10. Meg, I'm old enough (ugh!) to remember and have played 78's; my dad had some. In your photo, the 'BAD' is a good eye catcher. This of course starts one thinking. Is Michael bad? I don't know but I reckon he is a fantastic and very talented performer. Your concept of getting a shot of these in the shop makes an interesting photo.

  11. To tell you the truth, Gavin, all three LPs in the front were horribly dull, so I looked for interesting albums. I found Bad first. Then I also put interesting LPs on both sides, (Dan Fogelberg's Phenix on the right) but that took the focus away from Bad, so I put them back again.

    When Jackson came to New Zealand in the 1996, people were stunned by two things, the staging (I believe it was the show with the tank) and his ability as a dancer.

    People, people, I just googled Fogelberg, and he's recorded an album (no doubt a CD) as recently as 2003, and he's done so very consistently for the last 32 years. Good on him!! His discography page looks like a chronicle of men's hair and beard length over the last 32 years, too. Here.


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