Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Cattle Stop

Cattle stops are supposed to stop bovines from walking out the gate, yet allow vehicles to pass.

At Fairfield Park in Wakefield, there is an extra-wide human path on the side, with no gate. So, if you were a cow, in a hurry to get out, wouldn't you just...


  1. pretty interesting..... i wonder if it works for other animals.

  2. moo

    that's all I want to say really [meant nicely not nastily of course]

  3. I would think they just go around - but that can't be because they'd have changed the design?

  4. Thanks for visiting, everybody.

    This was just last week, and although I've never seen cows at this park, I would have thought the design somewhat.... contradictory... But maybe they have a removable gate or some such? Oh well.

  5. I have see it in Colorado where once the cows are trained, they only need to paint the grate on the road to stop the cows from crossing. Seems like it would work until one brave cow......

  6. Oh, Bill, it only takes one smart cow!!!

  7. I guess cows don't do sidesteps! :-)))
    I have grown up around cows, they are pretty good staying inside a fence, escpecially if the food is plenty. Every now and then though, one cow discovered a hole in the fence, or that the electric fence didn't really work, and started a stampede. They ran wide and high, as if knowing that their freedom wouldn't last long. It was also not uncommon, that they simply trotted home to their sheds, when in their mind it was the time of day. Image a cluster of a dozen farms and meadows around it, and all of a sudden a heard of twenty cows passing through on their way home. ;-)

  8. That's very interesting, Merisi. I can just see one smart girl finding the small gate and the rest following.

    However, all these days later, Ben thought that perhaps the entire Wakefield park used to be just one paddock, and the cattle stop was placed then and never taken out when it was made into a park. It's true we always wondered about the cattle stops because the park is a public park and we've never seen bovines there, yet.


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