Sunday, April 08, 2007

Country Drive

I love driving on roads where trees create a tunnel. Good Friday afternoon was partially cloudy, and my camera decided it needed extra slow shutter speeds.


  1. I wish you were driving and I took this. It just such a great photo.

  2. I agree, this is good. Such a green tunnel can be a delight. And preferably someone else does the driving…

  3. Exquisite!!! I LOVE this photo!

  4. Great motion shot! I feel like I am propelled through this tunnel myself.

  5. I fell in love with this picture when I laid my eyes on it!Very nice!

  6. ooh, i'm so impressed. this is so good.

  7. .. to great effect!. I like the grayscale of this photograph!


  8. Oh wow! I love the effect! It's totally amazing. It feels like a vision of a "monster" in a horror movie.

  9. Thanks for visiting, and for the comments, people.

    Ben, thanks for buying a convertible in spite of my rather strong and not-so-polite protest way back when, and thanks for always driving. (Though if I drove, I think you'd go mad. Seriously.)

    Per, in spite of 7 years in the US as a grownup and 12 years in NZ, I don't drive. So, yeah, we're safe.

    Rita, I would have never tried B&W if you didn't recommend it, so thanks.

    Carol, kind of like the airplane/roller coaster videos?

    Dijah, well, thanks!! It was great fun, especially because I couldn't see what I was shooting, so I just tried to make the end of the tunnel come to the center of the LCD panel.

    Eddie, you just made my day, mate!

    Lachezar, I get 'distracted' by colors, not just in photography but in many ways, so I only wanted to try light/shadow that day; in this series, it just came out this way.

    Ming, weren't there scenes like this also in LOTR when supposedly we were seeing Frodo through the eyes of the Dark Riders?

  10. wow what a speedy photo:)

    Meg, maybe I misunderstood the May Theme day? Help me pls what is the "task" cos I am pretty confused now:)

  11. awesome! dont drive too fast, ben or meg!

    i'm gonna try this technique :)

  12. wow cool photo!

  13. Very cool effect....looks like a great road for driving!
    Happy Easter from your friends in Minneapolis!
    Will you be travelling here this Summer?

  14. Zsolt, I'll email you on our understanding of the next theme day.

    Kris, I can't remember how fast, but it's a relatively narrow road and you really can't go too fast, unless you're a teenager, I suppose.

    Piika, thanks.

    C&D, well, that is the plan for now, and the NZ$ is relatively strong for the time being, but it's still quite a bit financial commitment and I'm not feeling confident at the moment.

  15. Hi Meg & Ben - wonderful shot - just so nice to look at.

  16. Thanks, Paul. The light is autumnal now, and we've been having better shots, too.


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