Tuesday, April 03, 2007


The entrance of another historic building; this was the home of Nelson Technical School (1905); it still houses classrooms for Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology, (same school different names.)

PS. Happy birthday to Meg.


  1. I shot this building the day after we joined DP - I have about 20 less-than-genius-level shots, all fady in the afternoon sun, kind of... And then lately I went back to shoot close-ups of peeling paint on the side of the building... Yours is much better.

    Your old wife

  2. Are those EAGLES holding up the roof?

  3. On the portal, the building is smiling ;-) Very apropos for today ...
    Happy Birthday to "your old wife" ;-). Hope she's up for some bubbly...

  4. Meg became 18 already???:) Ohhh Happy Birthday MEG!

  5. Well this is a nice photograph and reminds me that color on an official building is still the thing to do some places in the world.

    Brookville Daily Photo
    720 pixels

  6. Zsolt, I don't even remember ever being 18 any more!!!

    Thanks everybody... 365 days to a really big birthday, I guess.

  7. Hey, Happy Birthday Meg. You're not getting older just getting better. Take it from an "Old" person.
    I like your post today Ben. Great angles and semetry.

  8. Personally I find an older building adds credibility to an educational institution. However, they need to be remodeled with state of the art wiring for computer access. So they can brows the Daily Photo websites.

  9. Thanks, every one.
    This building has lots of characters.
    I shot the whole building but they turned out not so good. So, I will re-try sometime when the condition is right.

    I'm not sure if those eagles are holding up the roof (or beam), but certainly they are looking at the people who enter the building.

    The thumbnail pic looks like they are laughing, Isabella. It may be because of your theme day post???

  10. I like the look of the eagles - certainly different!
    Happy B-Day Meg :)


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