Monday, April 30, 2007

Fancy a Fancy Dress Party?

Though it says Willie Weavers at the bottom, they don't have much material for weavers, but they do have knitting patters and yarns. But the back of this cave-like shop is Fantasmagoria, the fancy dress, or rental costume, shop.

Kiwis love fancy dress parties, so they have people coming in and out all year round. We've been to a couple; the very first one we were invited to was in Auckland, about a month after we'd been in New Zealand. The hosts knew Ben wouldn't even think of getting into a costume, so they had one ready for him: a black, witch costume! What can I say; he had to wear it. And I don't have a photo of him in that skirt!


  1. ooh, a witch!! that should be funny to see! ;)
    Anyway, that place is interesting! I love the deco!

  2. Nice & interesting one!

  3. The back of the shop is like someone's grandmother's attic... times 10. It's quite interesting just to walk though the racks of costumes.

  4. The shop looks terrific, but the photo is superb!

  5. What a thoughtful idea to decorate the building in such a colorful way.

  6. Looks like a fun store to visit but I wish you had taken a picture of ben in his "skirt". I'm not much for costumes either.


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