Friday, April 06, 2007

MADCAT on the Move

Jill Alexander used to teach Textile and Design when the polytech was called the Nelson Polytechnic, but she had bigger ambitions. Shortly after she left teaching, she opened this Mad Cat store opposite the Penguino Ice Cream Cafe; then she got a bigger studio right in town, and started her second, Work Dog, brand as well; Prime Minister Helen Clark wore Mad Cat at a Fashion event last year (I think); and this year she opened a store in Wellington's Lampton Quay (the main drag). All this within the last seven years or so.

Well, she closed her first store last week; the Nelson store is going to be in the same building as her studio; I'm kind of hoping we can have a peek at their work space from her new store. Go, Jill!

Also, some of you may be interested in Liz's Paper Crane Project: scroll down to read "About the Paper Crane Project". If you are keen to know about the origin/traditional use of the origami cranes, here's my bit. We are waiting for ours to fly here.


  1. looks like interesting clothes.... i love shopping!

  2. The last week of the sale..... damn, I can't get there in time. And I love sales too! Looks so interesting.

  3. dear Meg,
    if I am right the next Theme day will be about city exchange. I dont know if you were searching for a partner city yet...but I would be happy to exchange with you (posting Nelson on BudapestDP and seeing Budapest on Nelson):) What you think?:)

    about your post today: I like the black dress on the left..but only without the skirt:)

  4. the sign about its 'last week' looks nice;)

  5. Sounds like this lady knows what she is doing and does it very well. I like your photography too.

    I do think that this is my first visit.

    Brookville Daily Photo

  6. Wish I could make the sale too but I can't seem to squeeze it into my schedule...
    Nice work on the photos.

  7. Thanks for your visits, people.

    Now that the sale is over, I can tell you the colorful silk skirts (fully lined) on the two sides were $50; I thought you can't even get material for $50 nowadays. I am most interested in finding out what kind of decor they've done to their new place.

  8. And Zsolt, as difficult as it may be to find Budapest in Nelson, offer gratefully accepted. We've got... 23 days, yeah?

  9. Last Week they were moving.
    This Week, are they still moving? hehe..

    Great bargains?

  10. I'm not sure where they are this week; this shop space was totally empty, though, last Wednesday.

  11. I will look for the shop on Lambton Quay- I am a bit partial to clothes shopping.
    Thanks for this post Meg.

  12. Hey, no problem, Louise. I think it's possible towards the train station end, but I can't remember now.


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