Thursday, April 19, 2007

Market Day - Mapua Easter Fair

This is a scene from Annual Mapua Easter Fair. It was quite large scale market and there was a musical events, kids entertaining and, yes, lot's of people.


  1. and yes, there's a lot of people and a quite good atmosphere!
    it seems you have a great weather there. And your hpoto is so lively! (that's right? i mean it has a loooot of bright colours!)

  2. is there lots of yummy food, too?

  3. Nothing like a fine day for strolling around such fairs. Thanks so much for visiting on my Blog Birthday….your thoughts are much appreciated.

  4. Cheers mates.
    It was really fantastic day. We didn't have but there were variety of takeaway type foods available.

  5. mmm i can see big pretzels in the baskets, i'll have one =)

  6. Thanks for stopping by, Jazzy.


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