Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Oh, Art Students!

This is the side of this building. You can't see what I'm on about? Look here.


  1. hope you are feeling better now?

  2. It's a very odd building - looks almost like something from the 1940s military.
    Yeah, how's the health situation?
    All better, I hope?

  3. Now I see! *laugh*
    Maybe it's "to be continued"?

  4. Tooth (or rather, gum) fine, boys. Thanks for the thought. I'm drug-free, too!

    Merisi, never thought of that, but I now hope it's not finished - I think the whole side of a building with these splashes would be fun!

  5. it's quite an interesting building!

  6. Piika, built in 1904, it looks like an old fashioned any purpose building, doesn't it?

    Eddie, I can kinda see you being the leader of the gang in such fun naughtiness!


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