Sunday, April 22, 2007

Penguino Ice Cream Cafe

This is the Penguino Ice Cream Cafe, a Must Visit place in central Nelson, facing Montgomery Car Park, where the Saturday Market is held. I understand their gelato is very much like what you can expect in Italy. Their web site is a wee bit outdated, though, because the Richmond Mall shop closed a while back.


  1. Cute shop & nice shot.

  2. Hi, Paul. It is... Their ice cream is so good you don't need double and triple scoops - just the humble single scoop is so satisfying.

  3. may I ask for a chocolate, caramell, strawberry pls?:)

  4. are you sure a single scoop is enough!

    time to go the supermarket to shop for NZ ice cream again...

  5. LOL, oh yeah, I remember the containers :)

  6. Zsolt, yes, if you insist; do you want the regular choc, double choc, or ... I can't remember but they have maybe two other kinds of chocolate ice cream!

    Keropok Man, well, I was trying to sound "sensible"... Of course two is better than one....

    Paul, let's just go for the double, yeah? Forget sensible...


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