Monday, May 21, 2007

Again, I Ask

In Rugby, why do they call it a "try" when they've successfully scored a goal? Why not... a goal?

I'd never been right up against a real rugby goal, and I was amazed how wide and tall it was. Can't be hard to kick penalties, thought this little old lady who nearly tripped over a black-and-white mouth piece on the ground. Ewwww....


  1. Lovely view & a beautifully captured shot!

  2. Hi Guys

    I know nothing about rugby and didn't know they called a goal a try. Weird..

    I've missed a ton of your posts. I went back as far as the huge piece of cake. It made me hungry and I'm diabetic too.

  3. Hi, Kalyan, it was a very nice park.

    Faye, gee, we thought you might have fallen off the face of the planet. Welcome back!!! It was a whopper of a cake, I tell you, and great tasting, too.

  4. I have no idea how to play rugby too!

  5. Basic rule: throw the ball backwards.

    Oh, and don't stamp on other folks' head or bite ears. Don't drop other players on their heads.

    When interviewed after a match, start every second sentence with, "Yeah... No..." and every other OTHER sentence with "Fo'sure, Fo'sure..."

    And you've got it, K-Man.

  6. I'm with you-- a "try" just sounds like it fell short, yeah?

  7. Yeah, wouldn't you hate to run halfway across a rugby field, all sweaty and out of breath, but feeling triumphant, and be told, "Good try!" Hee hee.


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