Thursday, May 24, 2007

Another Beautiful Day

A lamp post at Trafalgar SQ. We had a once-in-50-years rain in a short period yesterday morning; Meg heard we had 75mm in one hour. She's cleaning up a few photos she managed to get yesterday, but we live on the side of the hill, and we were nowhere near any of the flooded areas.


  1. Well, profiting from time difference I'm the early bird today! Beautiful lamp! We used to have lots like this in Lisbon; we still have, but they have been changed and I'm not sure the news are so nice as the old ones...

  2. That is really a lot of rain. I'm glad you are not in the flood zone.
    Great blue sky and really pretty lamp.

  3. That is a very very blue sky. We seldom have a sky without a few clouds hanging out.

  4. Beautiful lamp and the sky is really blue.

  5. Nice style street lamp - we have some here in "restored" parts of Providence.

  6. Thank you all for visiting.

    Phew, that was really heavy rain in Wednesday(23rd), but it was just a day and we had a blue sky again.


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