Thursday, May 17, 2007

Best Deal in Town??

Ben's a healthy diabetic; except for the once-every-two-years eye check, and the regular blood sugar level test he does himself, he lives a normal life.

With these eye checks, he needs eye drops to have his pupils dilated, and he was told this time darker eyes take longer to dilate, and even longer to get back to normal. So we started the long wait afterwards at Nelson Hospital's cafeteria with a coffee, and a piece of cake. (Gosh, that sounds bad....)

At NZ$2.50, this has got to be the biggest piece of cake you can buy in town, and it was chock full of nuts and fruits. The thick end of the wedge was well over 3cm, and we almost couldn't finish the one piece between us.

Hospital cafeteria is an interesting place; there are doctors, nurses and staff taking breaks, there are those celebrating recovery or births, and then there are distraught people, waiting, coping, or just sitting. They did a good job giving the cafeteria and the chapel big windows looking out on a big park and lots of trees when they rebuilt the main building.

Luckily, we don't have to go there very often.


  1. ...knock on wood!
    That cake looks yummy! I'm surprised that Ben can eat cake, though, which proves I don't know much about "healthy diabetics"....

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  3. I have not had breakfast yet and that chunk of cake looks delicious. Your photograph sure captured the goodness in it. Wow.

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  4. hmmm..yummi! but what happend to this cake,mate? why is not in BIG (photo)sliced...I will be satisfied in s640 sliced only ;-))

  5. hospital cafeteria is my place for comfort food especially when visiting ill friends or family..just calms me down. but have never found anything as tasty looking as this!

  6. Luckily we got such a beautiful shot & the cake is quite big indeed within normal standards and yes hospital food doesn't always taste that better...well captured shot!

  7. Thanks for your visits.

    Isabella, by healthy diabetic, I mean, Ben only has to monitor and make sure his blood sugar level doesn't go outside certain limits. He has a tiny test kit and he semi-regularly (but not as often as the wife likes) and he can check it in about 15 seconds. He can eat or drink anything he likes, but needs to be aware of the types and total sugar level that goes into his system. So if he has a beer, he won't have something sweet. And it's not just sugar as we normally think it to be. For e.g. if you boil something starchy in water, the water becomes starch as well; so if he wanted those tiny pasta in soup, he'd cook the pasta separately, and then add it to the soup, rather than adding the pasta into the soup to let it cook there.

    The trick is to avoid the extreme highs and the lows, so at times he needs to graze on a tiny bit of something, like an apple or a few nuts, in between meals. And a lot of exercise keeps the blood sugar level more even.

    Beetle, the cake was greatly appreciated by the two of us; as regards the photo, it's because the Mrs posted it, and Ben just told me what you were talking about.

    Right behind this cafeteria is tiny a non-denominational chapel. That has a spectacular window, but as an ex-convent school girl, I kind of hesitate to photograph it. I wonder if I should go ask if I could.

  8. Its good that Ben keep himself healthy. Or maybe Mag is the one that makes sure he is healthy.

    In Singapore now, cafeterias are not the same as what you described. They are run by commercial food court operators and they have many many stalls selling all kinds of food. (yes, even very unhealthy ones in a hospital! haha)

    My workplace is quite near to a hospital, and we do go to the hospital to eat! No, not those calorie challenged food.

  9. Luckily we don't have McDonalds or KFC in our hospital cafeteria yet, but possibly in some schools! That'll be the real dooms day. I suspect a lot of the other stuff they have here could be brought in from other catering firms in town, but this one looked (and tasted) like the real deal.


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