Thursday, May 31, 2007

Julie and Artisan Breads

This is Julie Cahusac de Caux, owner, manager, baker at the Artisan Breads at Founders Park.

Founders is a park where historic buildings are brought and refurbished to show how people used to live around Nelson. I read something about Julie three or so years ago, and from memory, she's Canadian who learned baking while living in Europe. (I must go fact-checking because I could be completely wrong!) Anyway, she opens shop for four hours on Tuesdays and six on Fridays, when she sells bread and pastries, many of which I can't remember the names of because I had never heard of them.

I go see her every once in a while to get her delectable ciabatta, as one of my hobbies is to bake ciabatta and I need periodic reminder how these are supposed to look. She also makes mean canele. And because I never carry cash, she lets me buy on credit.

She's looking for a part-time baker. Anyone interested? I'll put in a good word for you.


  1. Glad I came. A nice photograph and a pleasant read. Good post.

  2. How about yourself? I can put in a good word on your behalf ;-)
    Of course, I will need to taste one of your ciabattas to keep it honest...

  3. Thanks, folks.

    Isabella, my ciabatta tastes spectacular, if I may say so, humbly, myself; they just look so.... flat and the shapes are more or less accidental, so sometimes they are like big, flat, boomerang. I've got a photo here. The cut piece is one of Julie's. She asked me if I wanted to come in for a few hours, and I just instinctively had this image of my sorry-looking ciabattas and shouted out, "No!" before I knew it.

  4. Mmmmmm...fresh baked bread and pasteries. There is nothing better. I've never tried making Ciabatta bread. Maybe sometime I will get brave enough to do it.

  5. Julie's shop looks very homey and inviting. I can just imagine what it smells like.

    If not for the commute I might be tempted to apply :) Not that I can make Ciabatta bread.

  6. Sue, I think Julie uses a bit of magic, too. I even like the smell of dough rising at her place.

    Faye, it's only a few days a week, hee hee.

  7. Meg,

    I love ciabatta. I always ask for ciabatta when I am at a sandwich place.

    Is your recipe published somewhere?

  8. Wonderful portrait!
    With a name like that, surely she's French originally!
    I'm not a baker so I can't help, sorry.

  9. i assume you're back on solids now meg?

  10. nice shot !
    I have a photoblog with photos only from my city… Suceava / Romania… do you want to exchange links ? my photoblog address is

  11. Thank you for your visits, everybody. Lately Julie has been into baking this pie-(??)-like pastry with cream cheese in the dough and crushed nuts on top, and I can't remember the name of it, but it's very rich and nice. It's wedge-shaped and, well, labour-intensive.

    K-man, I shall post my ciabatta recipe and let you know in the near future. Julie and I think there's nothing wrong with the recipe, but the time I let it rise, and the amount I punch it at the end might not be enough.... I have to get back into my wet dough action.

    Pod, yes, and I'm brushing my teeth so throughly lately that our hot water tank is often empty!


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