Thursday, May 03, 2007

Stingray Cafe

I shot this sitting at what's becoming my usual seat in the big Zest Cafe on Church Street, (as opposed to the little Zest on Hardy Street). It's Stingray Cafe across the street. They have good food and the best coffee in Nelson (said Trish, and she knows her coffee, so you'd better listen to her), but I've only been there once. The thing is, there seems to be an unusually high ratio of male clients there, (usually between 4:0 and 8:0), so I hesitate to enter alone.

I'll go back with Ben or Trish next time and give you a report.


  1. That's funny, because I didn't like the coffee at all when I ate there. I much prefer a smoother flavor... like the coffee at Yaza Cafe.

    Stingray doesn't have much vegetarian food, and what I got was very disappointing (stale bread, soggy vegetables, etc). It's a shame, because it's a cute place.

  2. What a lovely place...

  3. I reckon the coffee at Liquid's as good as.
    And I'd watch out at the Stingray. Biggest pick-up joint in Nelson.
    Stay with Zest - they've got free WiFi.

  4. I'm with you Meg. I really dislike going into a restaurant by my self, especially when I'm outnumbered. Very uncomfortable. I like a little place that feels like home and no one stares.

  5. I don't care who's in a cafe or restaurant, as long as the food and/or coffee is great. I must admid that once, while doing research in a writer's archive deep in some countryside, I felt a little uncomfortable being the only woman there at dinnes time. But then, all that the men were talking about, was tractors. So I stayed, because who knows, had I left, they'd have had something else to talk about. Maybe. :-)

  6. Oh, my, I've never received so many variety of responses to one post, people.

    Lane, I'm surprised you didn't just cross Church St.

    JB, that it is a pick-up place may explain why there are so many blokes all the time, but I go to Zest somewhere between late morning and early afternoon, so maybe it's morning-after coffee time across the street. A dowdy old bag as myself have got nothing to worry about if I want a gritty cup of coffee, I'm sure. Mariam, the best staff ever at Zest on Bridge Street, and the delightful waitress from Delia's (Turkish on Hardy St) with the longest dreads both started at Liquid when it opened; I haven't been there too often because I prefer Zest's food, but if those two are still there, Liquid is sure to have the best service in town. Oh, they don't have DomPost and that's another reason I don't go there. I don't like their bench seats, either, seriously uncomfortably since the Flapjack days.

    Sue, Merisi, if the mood of the place suits, I don't hesitate entering an eatery alone, especially in the middle of the day, because I didn't have a regular man between the time I was 22 and 29. It's the testosterone in addition to the caffeine around Stingray that baffles me. Maybe that's why Ben likes it??

    So, in conclusion, I think I'll stick to Zest, as JB suggests, and maybe to get coffee across the street when Ben or Trish wants the gritty stuff.

    Thanks for your time. I really must show you my favorite Turkish place.


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