Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Water Thing

And right behind where I stood to shoot this was this... thing; I'm not sure what it is, but my guess is it has something to do with water. It's only about a meter tall.


  1. It is blatantly the other end of the tunnel dug between our two countries.

    A few hours climbing down the rusty ladder underneath that substantial lid and you will come out from a small manhole cover a few metres from the main entrance to St. Pancras train station in London.

  2. Well, if that's the case, can I meet you for coffee this weekend??

    Your comment is so funny I can't stop giggling. It would be a great idea if it were true!!!

  3. Nar
    it's the top off the man made, huge underground pressure cooker so the Earth can let off some steam.

    the brass tube on the side is the slow release valve, which very rarely blows, as it is a one way safety valve that allows underground spa steams to escape at a slower pace than normal so the top lid isn't blown straight off its hatch bolts!

  4. Those answers are too clever. Great imaginations, so all I'll say is interesting and provocative.

  5. You guys are so amusing! I'm not so, so I'm only going to say that's a weuird thing in the middle of the street!

  6. I tried popping down for coffee, unfortunately it look longer than the few hours I anticipated.

    While I was climbing down the ladder night became day, as it did the world obviously turned on its axis and I, unknowingly, carried on climbing down in what was now the wrong direction!

    I should have spotted my mistake when I met up with a bunch of Australians. Australians, as everyone knows, NEVER go home - they all travel to London to work in bars catering for Australian backpackers. However I carried on climbing down, or is that now up? and ended up back in London. Gutted, I only just had enough time to rush home in time to go to work.

    Another time maybe?

  7. Oh, Mountain Boy, you needed to turn left when you hit Sydney... You'll smell the wet autumn when you're a little closer. Maybe next weekend.

    Or The Salems, I could be pressure or steam cooking dinner in the park?

    Thanks for your visits, people; I had feared this was going to be one of the most boring posts on NDP ever!!!


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