Saturday, June 23, 2007

Bedelia's Chic Bazaar

Bottom floor is Vic Rose pub, above is Bedelia's, a heaven of designer jewelry, clothes, bags and expensive bath products. And you might be familiar with this location at the bottom of the Cathedral Steps because we've posted the Symonds Gas Lamp four times thus far.

This is for Louise, who hosted/posted the Wellington DP from April 2006 to this May; when we started NDP last August, she was among the first to contact us, and as far as we know, she was the first in New Zealand to join DP.

We haven't made the 25-minute flight to Welly for a while, so we haven't managed to meet her, but enjoyed seeing our capital city through her eyes. This one of hers remains one of my all time favorites, but I know some of you enjoyed the saga of the lost weta inside her house as well. This is another favorite.

Although a lot of the posts went straight above, over, and beyond my head, her other blog, Teaching in the Digital Age, is enlightening, and at least added a lot of spiffy new words to my vocabulary. It's also wonderful to learn about her passion through this blog.

Good luck to you, Louise, and your family, and Bart. Let us know if you decide to come back.

(Louise, I went in to Bedelia's to try to shoot something feminine, but they were having a sale, over half the stuff in the shop 50% off, decoration wasn't as nice as it usually is, and there were too many people! So, until next time.)

PS. Hadn't realized we posted one of this building so recently. Sorry, guys.


  1. is this a wooden house? looks great!

  2. great looking building - very very interesting!


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