Friday, June 22, 2007

Mapua Clean Up

No, forget the car; it's about the site beyond the fence.

The very heavenly-looking Mapua has the most contaminated site in the nation; the site by the waterfront used to be the Fruitgrowers Chemical Company plant (fertilizer?) and the cleaning up of the soil has been going on for a few years now. Recently Mapua residents have experienced some health issues, possibly connected to the clean up process. More on the clean up by the Ministry of Environment here; recent health concerns here.

We're away this weekend so the posting for the next couple of days will be a little erratic; apologies in advance.


  1. Sorry to read about this. We’ve got similar sad spots as well. I suppose the good news is that they’re actually trying to clean up.

  2. Yes, Per, at least. From memory, it took a long time for the work to get started; I remember for some years it being just fenced and closed and left untouched.

  3. ...sort of a societal bad conscience, really: “please don’t touch”… These spots appear all over the planet, I'm afraid. What does that say about us? Maybe we don't want to know.

  4. Per what does that say about us? "Naught!!!" for starters.... "Selfish".... and I can come up with a few more....

    Guice, exactly. It's not all about us, is it!

  5. Pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, you name it, it was dumped there. And all over Tasman. They've found and dealt with a lot of the smaller sites over the years but I'm not sure if people remember (or own up). Very much the Kiwi "She'll be right" attitude at work, uunfortunately.

  6. have a nice weekend Meg! See you back in a few days:)

  7. Companies love to take what they can from the environment and or use the environment and then run away from their responsibilities. If they pay off the governments, they usually get away with it.

    I hope this clean up works for our sake. The world needs a clean place to live.

    I am back from my self-imposed vacation.

    Abraham Lincoln
    Brookville Daily Photo

  8. We did have a nice weekend, in a rather secluded bay on the Marlborough Sounds.... and just now I'm looking at some smoke coming out of .... I'm not sure what that place is, on the industrial part between us and the Airport. Yikes.... Mondays....


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