Thursday, June 07, 2007

Motueka Mosaic Bench

I found this at the front of museum at High Street, Motueka.
(Google map and zoom out for relative location from Nelson CBD)


  1. The thumbnail made this photo look like a most comfortable lounge chair but I don't think it would be. LOL

    Nice colours too!

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  2. Fantastic looking mosaic. Lots of work, but what happens when the need to move that large cement bench?

  3. Its very pretty. It even looks like you could lay back and get comfy. Good find.

  4. So colorful and it must have taken a long time to do the mosaic work. Nice find.

  5. I wonder how cool it is to set down on? It sure looks hard as nails.

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  6. it looks like a roman bench:) very cute

  7. Thank you, all!
    I think that is almost fixture the there, because its weight. It was very clean and well nobody was sat on there so I took quick snap.

    May be not so comfortable to sit on such a hard surface but it is pretty to look at.

  8. It is very attractive. Is it part of the art work, I mean was it commissioned for the museum or something like that?

  9. I have quickly passed by there since the museum was closed.
    I couldn't get any information for the piece but I guess it was made for museum like you said or... could be some sort of community or school project ... anything is possible.


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