Thursday, June 21, 2007

Night Shot

I took this through the not so clean window. Meg called me to say I should shoot with the tripod from lounge when I was working on the computer in the study. So I set up the tripo, put the 24mm prime lens on and set the camera to 20sec/F4 and the result is this. The skinny moon looks a bit different in photo. The shiny dot on near top is Venues. Meg was quicker on her feet.


  1. superb photograph of night

    the moon extra

    good shot

  2. Good shot. I enjoyed reading the details of how you made the shot.

    Good work.

  3. Beautiful shot, this scene only last for few minutes and gone. And you got it on time. I really like the picture.

  4. Both shots are excellent. What a great view you have out your window.

  5. Much better class of photograph than your snapshotting companion, Ben!

  6. great shot Ben
    I'm a sucker for this type of shot
    and I wish I had you view outside my lounge window

  7. Thank you, all.
    We have very interesting view from our windows. I like large sky view, because it never be same.

  8. Simply wonderful !!! It's a stunning picture. You choose the best coordinate to take it at ots better.


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