Monday, June 18, 2007

Red Cars

It's not every day that we can say, "Ours is the cleaner one". The one on the right was imported from Japan; ours is "New Zealand new", meaning it's the same setup/configuration/??? as the Eunos Roadstar/MX5/Miata found in Europe. OK, that's all I remember Ben saying; the rest was la-la-lah to me.

Theirs had the original alloys and a bigger exhaust pipe; our tires stuck out more. Ours was a bluer red; theirs a more yellow red. Enough?

At the Bay Nursery/Bay Landscapes parking lot.


  1. I love your explaination of what Ben said...yah, I been there!

  2. Dear Lavender, cars are Ben's first love, then cameras, then audio-visual toys; and of course somewhere in there is the almighty computers. He has an extraordinarily high gadget/social conversation ratio, so I could call him a G@@<, but he's a good cook so I won't..... Ooops, that was more than a "drift"...

  3. Pretty snazzy car Meg and you know just about what I know abbout cars. I understand the la-la-lah syndrome.

  4. The paint on yours is "deeper" too. The other looks like a thin coat of cheaper paint. Plus yours has an extra little silver thingie to the left of your license plate. :) Thingies are important things.

  5. Oh, yes, people who speak my language!!

    Sue, I'm a bit la-la-lah about digital photography, too.

    Faye, the other one was dusty, I think, but the La La price goes to you for spotting the silver thingie!!

  6. But where does Ben find time to look after the car so well, what with chauffeuring you around town, cooking dinner and slaving over a hot database all day to support you in your luxurious life of a lady of leisure...?
    (Was that OK, Ben?)

  7. Hee hee, hah hah, JB. I can't disagree with anything you said there.


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