Monday, June 25, 2007

Waitaha Dawn

We went to a writing retreat over the weekend on a secluded bay in the Marlborough Sounds. We do this every year, for me to write short fiction (which I do one weekend a year) and for Ben to photograph the surrounds, and for us to catch up with friends whom we see once a year.

Well, this year, I discovered Sue had her first book published, with two or three coming out next year, and Barb finished her first novel Saturday afternoon at the workshop! Both of them worked on their respective works for 16 years under the guidance of our mentor, Joan. While Ben and I (and Kate, who bakes a mean Choc gateau) liken this annual event to a family reunion, others have been working seriously towards the realizing their dreams, and bl@@dy good on them!!

We also had new members join us, which made the people mix exciting; the only bad thing about these workshops is that they are too short, and I always swing between writing (which means I do lock myself in isolation and work away) or enjoy getting to know the other members.

You know I am not a morning person, but would you believe I shot this around 7AM on Saturday, during a short break? I can't wait for next year's workshop.


  1. Great picture here today, stunning landscape. What was the exposure?

    We're "singing in the rain"

    South Shields Daily Photo

  2. This is just beautiful - it looks so tranquil & peaceful. A great place to gather for a retreat.

  3. Curley, I have an idiot-camera. I can't tell you the exposure. Suffice it to say, it was a windy day. ;-)

    Thanks, Chris. It was very nice, except when the neighbor's security alarm went on - the owners forgot it was switched on, and went back inside to use the loo!

  4. still a splendid sky

    it is the season for the photographs of night?

  5. What an enchanting morning that must have been!

  6. It was soon after dawn, Bergson. Which is very uncharacteristic of me, because I'm not fully functional until about 10AM!

    Rita, it would have been enchanting, if I were allowed to enjoy it, but I had all these words rushing through and fighting in my head, so it was kind of pretty, and then I was back to work. I'd love to just be able to sit and watch the sun rise another time.

  7. Lovely sunrise! I needed a pics like this because...exactly 3 years ago I was leaving Italy for New Zealand...and...well...years are passed, I visited many other countries in all this time but... my heart is still there :-)

  8. Ummmmm, Liz, I thought you'd be in Auckland this year, no???


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