Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Collingwood Dusk

This and Sunday's photo were taken at dusk.

By the way, I just heard on the radio that 40 years ago today, New Zealand currency became decimal. This means New Zealand got rid of Pound Sterling and introduced New Zealand Dollars. They started studying this in 1959, and decided in 1963, so they weren't in a hurry, were thy? Here's more information.

As well, JB said the first currencies were hidious looking, so I went looking for images. There are not great photos, but here are some I found: currency conversion poster, selection of proposed designs, and some more blurbs. Here's a short clip from what I'd imagine was a TV ad. And I heard a hilarious song by a Derek somebody about the conversion, but I haven't found a clip to that, yet. Here's a link to an afternoon programme on National Radio this afternoon; just the very first part talks about the decimal conversion, followed by an interview with a 91-year old original sheep sheering competition winner. I think the song was played before this segment started.


  1. This is really lovely. I'd like o hav ebeen there.

  2. Nice photo. So your New Zealand gov't works just as "fast" as our Canadian gov't at times!!

  3. A nice mellow dusky photo Meg. i like the feel of this.

  4. Looks chilly!
    Big hooha when the coinage designs were introduced. They looked as if they'd been designed by a civil servant whom failed art at school (probably were...) and the public uproar was deafening. Back to the drawing board and we ended up with good designs by good artists

  5. Thank you for your visits, everybody.

    Lilly, this is a very lovely small town.

    North Bay Photo, normally, the NZ government acts quite quickly, (especially because we only have one house in the parliament), but I was amazed that they dithered regarding the currency.

    Sue, do you like my "boob mountain"? Ben says it's more a face, but....

    JB, perhaps I should go fishing around for the images of the old currencies. They're not bad now, are they?

  6. Very nice photograph. Interesting read about the currency.

    Abraham Lincoln
    Brookville Daily Photo

  7. Another excellent capture of light and atmosphere. Beautiful glow in this. Your text here answers my question from Sunday's post about the time of day.

  8. Thanks for visiting. Collingwood is always beautiful, but this day was particularly nice.


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