Monday, July 02, 2007

Mini Mall - End of June

As at the end of June. Our new mini mall construction has progressed a little; there is a concrete stairway in middle of nowhere. This is taken from the back with two consecutive shots merged into one view. Compared this to shots from March here and here; the Newmans wall was taken down in April, I believe.


  1. A local stairway to heaven, no doubt? :)

  2. I like this picture.

    Abraham Lincoln
    —Me as Moses—

  3. I've heard of building a stairway to paradise but a stairway to nowhere, someone needsto rethink their plan....
    If you could get close to the stairway and get some angle shots it could make for some interesting photos.

  4. Thanks!

    It was very dark day and I had this taken in between rain. So, I turned it to B&W. I didn't sharpen up any detail. It is little bit soft but you get more feel of the day (I hope).

    Photowannabe, that is very good idea. I will do that, if that small concrete wall does not block my way. I need to go back and check. I can see the image in my head and what you suggesting is very clear. And... I like your idea!


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