Sunday, July 22, 2007


No skateboard here!


  1. Does the sign do any good or is it ignored?

  2. The paint looks so thick it almost looks like a removable sign - like a piece of plastic.

  3. It's definitely reduced the number of skateboarders but there is always few people who ignore things.

    The paint is same as a tough road marking. It's hard to scrape off, I think.

  4. Hi Ben and Meg...just popping in to say are you guys. I'm just so bored with the reason why I've not been visiting that I don't want to repeat it but I miss all the beautiful photos of the world...take care!!!

  5. hehe cool sign i hope the kids follow what the sign means.

  6. Hello Lisi, Sorry for not commenting your blog often.

    Yes, I really hope the kids follow the sigh.


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