Sunday, July 15, 2007

Signals Changed!

Nelson City Council recently changed how signal works on the major intersection ahead. That is what this sign is talking about.

We received an "anonymous" comment to our Saturday's post from the owner of "" that we're encroaching on his/her territory. Kaikoura is on the eastern coast of the South Island, famous for whale watching and crayfish, and if a DPexists, it'd be great because we will no longer be the only ones on the South Island of New Zealand. But Meg can't find the said blog in the portal, nor by its URL, nor by Googling. Let us know if you find Kaikoura DP, please.


  1. Encroaching on his/her territory? …better be a joke!

  2. I will continue to post occasional neighbouring places for our audience. I would like to be thinking outside square.
    Well, this particular URL does not exist and available at blogspot at this moment. Therefore, my conclusion is that is very bad taste of joke.
    Whoever post your comment in previous post: if you started your blog, please let us know. I will add you to the NZ section of link list and I welcome you to the community.

  3. Per, in fairness, if we follow Eric's guidelines about City DP, Seddon is definitely outside our turf, and though not strictly in Kaikoura, I'm happy to have them have it.

    Earlier on, Ben and I discussed the parameters of our coverage, and though we understood Eric's guidelines, we decided that we'll occasionally post stuff from Marlborough and Golden Bay because there are many beautiful places in these areas that visitors may have visited, or may be interested in visiting later. We drew an arbitrary line of roughly top 1/3 of the South Island, until such time as someone else starts a CDP elsewhere, and we would have been happy to stop posting in those areas, as soon as we learn about the existence of these CDPs.

    The creepy thing here is Ben went to Blogger this morning to check the availability of url, and it's still available. So either, someone intends to start one, or wanted to make a point, but did it in poor taste.

  4. It was probably just a joke. Sometimes its hard to read humor in these written words.
    I love the bridge is the previous photo, and wouldnt have noticed the train track if you hadn't mentioned them. I imagine that would be scarey driving under a train! Not to mention oil leaks landing on your car!

  5. I still think it’s a joke and there was in fact a smiley after the comment. There are several cities where more than blog cover the same spot so I can’t see how territories and boundaries could be of any relevance. We could (and hopefully will) have another Stockholm DP any day and that’d be just fine with me. I wouldn’t pay too much attention to anonymous comments. In fact, we’ve disabled them.

  6. People have strange ideas sometimes. I like your posts and I was amazed at this one. Who would have thought???

    Never found it. You could register it yourself couldn't you?

  7. Thanks for your visits, everyone. I was totally creeped out yesterday, to tell you the truth. I didn't think it was very funny, but maybe I'm loosing it, you think?

    Kaikoura is kind of far enough we couldn't possible cover it... But if you ever visit NZ, I"d say it's a must stop spot, not only for the whales and the crayfish, but for the scenery (most of the times).

    I brought my parents there this past Feb, and it rained every moment, torrential, really, and we couldn't see even the moutains RIGHT BEHIND the township!!

  8. Cheers everyone.
    I guess it's joke but posting anonymous is not a fair play.
    Well, I could register that URL, but I can not post that area daily, so I'll leave it for someone who lived there.

  9. Well, maybe it means a widening audience, which has gotta be good both for you and for Nelson. Territorial limits? I thought the whole point was going seamless, globally. We're all one happy little village, right?

  10. Alan, you're such a peacemaker! It's the Catholic girl thing that makes me hyper-sensitive to rules, I think.


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