Sunday, August 19, 2007

Books Breed

Have you noticed how books always breed to exceed the space available? We have two wall-sized bookshelves and two good-sized ones, but no matter what, we always have cardboard wine boxes on the floor, not to mention the piles in the bedroom.

I can't stand the mess but it doesn't bother Ben because he knows exactly where his books are. Alain de Botton was right, of course; I pursue order because my mind is not in order.


  1. Here a pile, there a pile, everywhere just piles, piles… Ah, tell me about it. You’re right - they must be breeding.

  2. Books breeding, how funny it is! I'd love to have some wall-sized bookshelves when I have a bigger place. I like Alain de Botton's works a lot. He is so brilliant.

  3. I just made an order on my now all my books are parallel and in order by size:) I think it will last for two weeks:)

  4. Never thought breeding could be the reason why books seem to be everywhere in my place! Nice idea, I'll keep watching them :)

  5. You've touched on a subject dear to my heart. I've walls of books in every room and like Topsy they just keep growing - and getting untidier and untidier.

  6. Thank you for your visits, everybody. I hadn't realized book breeding was an international thing, though I bet I can beat all of you in the messiness. (Or Ben can...)

    Zsolt, good honest assessment; two weeks sounds about right.


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