Monday, August 27, 2007

Charles Shaw, Potter

Apologies for the appalling lighting.

I'm giggling while I type these words because, for a long time, Charles was "just" my good friend Marj's best friend Rose's husband. Then a couple of years ago we stayed in the same holiday home of another potter, sans spouses, during an artists' retreat, and I spoke to "Charles the potter" for the first time.

Two weeks ago, I had to see him and photograph a series of his pots because at Re:fine, the bit exhibit I'm preparing for right now, one of my shawls will be used as a backdrop for six of his pots, and I wanted to see if I could weave something special for Charles, but as it turned out, I have two that'll work beautifully for his series. So you could say, we are collaborators now.

Sometimes I wonder why I don't make more effort to get to know husbands of my friends; if my friends are interesting people, and they are, and if they've stuck with these men for a long time, which they have, surely the blokes are worth getting to know as well?

OK, back to fringing. And Lachezar, I am finishing two pieces that look so unlike anything I've ever woven, so I'll post the pics here soon-ish.

1 comment:

  1. Well, well said.
    I have great respect for people who can craft beautiful things with their hands like your weaving Meg, and Charles's pottery.
    Yes light is not great, but there's something in the way he holds the piece this pot somehow speaks to me.

    Any way I can't wait to see your pieces.



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