Monday, August 06, 2007

Construction Boom in Nelson?

I was away only 10 days, but I admit, I hadn't been to either of the Zest Cafes much since the Red Gallery Morning Room opened. So imagine my surprise last week when I ran into Zest on Church Street for a quick coffee, glanced up, and discovered that quirky Fantasmaloria shop was gone! I knew the yarn and costume shops had moved out of the premise, but I didn't expect this.

With the population increase and parking problems, some architects are advocating for 4- and 5-story buildings in the central business district of Nelson, instead of the current-norm of 2-story ones. Elsewhere, you wouldn't be surprised to see a "pencil" building go up in a space like this, but I hope not in Nelson.

The red building to the left is Stingray.


  1. I know the feeling. First times are lousy and we’re unhappy about that. Next thing you know the economy is booming and we’re unhappy about what people are constructing. I suppose the latter is preferable anyhow.

  2. I guess its called "progress" Meg. I love the small town feel where we have moved to and don't miss the highrises of San Francisco too much.

  3. Best for a town to decide early on what it wants to be and how it wants to protect that "image."

    --steve buser
    New Orleans Daily Photo

  4. Sort of difficult to control, I think. There are many cities older than Stockholm but still this town is about 800 years. Hard to imagine anyone proclaiming a desirable image way back then and miraculously preserving that through the centuries...

    Still, you’re right of course that a town needs cultural authorities with a bit of clout.

  5. Thanks for visiting, everybody. Funny, isn't it. We come from a huge place looking for quaintness, and everywhere we go expansion and development follow us.

  6. ...and when you find a moment of peace, someone on the other side of the planet ruins it by posting subway noise for you? There’s no escape, Meg! :D

  7. Ha ha ha... no, you never ruin my day, Per. Never.


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