Friday, August 31, 2007

Fire Station Mural 2

I've recently bought a reasonably wide lens and came back to the fire station. Here is my previous attempt.


  1. Oh wow what a difference in the two lenses. I've just ordered a new lense too and can't wait until it gets here.

    This mural is great. What an imagination the artist has.

  2. its a very good idea! I like these murals a lot

  3. Your lens made a big difference in the shot. I am amazed at this mural on the Firehouse. A true piece of art.

  4. I need to be jealous.
    Exactly HOW wide , Ben?
    Not the Sigma 10-20...?

  5. No, JB. Before I'm going to have that lens, I need a more usual one. It's a Tamron SP AF 17-50 F2.8. My shorted lens was 24mm before I got this one. I usually use 50mm on to my camera for walk around. .


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