Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Itinerant Photoblogger

And that would be me; itinerant because I'm not taking photos, and I'm not visiting photoblogs. Lately I've wondered if I'll ever get over the "next" hump with work, and I'm definitely not shooting pics to my satisfaction; it's amazing how much looking at all of your photos help in that respect.

The current hump is supposed to be over at the end of the month, but if not, 15 September. I'd love to have a rainy, miserable weekend with the fire roaring; we'll sit in the cosy office visiting your blogs all weekend, drinking spiked coffee or hot choc.


  1. Take care of yourselves and, of course, the current hump. There has got to be some room for the real life as well, not just blogging. We’ve had sort of a surplus in rainy weekends here recently; wish I could send you one... ;)

  2. Awww Meg, I hope it gets better soon. I have those "humps" often too and it feels so good when I get to the other side.

    The rainy weekend sounds wonderful.

  3. Sorry to hear things are kind of a bummer now. You perked me up when things were so icky with my blog, I wish I could do the same for you.
    I hope you can sit by the fire and have a special time with your hubby.

  4. Hi, everybody. It has the issues/delay has to do with my inability to make decisions and not knowing when/how to take others' advice vs. when to just do what I like. And I keep signing up for things; yesterday, I declined to be part of something for the first time. After this hump, I really need a break to clear all the non-pressing but long-standing commitments and I'd like to weave something just to please myself for a change.

    Thanks for visiting and commenting.

  5. I guess I'm one of the many who understand and share your feelings, if this is any consolation at all.

    I wish I could cheer you up.

    I was wandering why (and this post is an example) don't you introduce us to your weaving, I guess is as much part of the Nelson scene as amny of the photographs you have been showing us through time.


  6. Lachezar, I was just thinking, we were in Auckland about a year ago, which must mean your blog must have had a birthday. I must come over soon to have a look!!


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