Monday, August 13, 2007

Man Cave

This is my mate Duncan Leask's workshop at the back of Refinery Art Space on Halifax Street. Refinery used to have a small gallery space in the front and quite big workshop spaces available for hire if you used recycled material; now it has huge gallery spaces, a bit of workshop spaces at the back, art workshops and even a garden is planned. Refinery being its name, I'm pretty confident it used to be a refinery of some sort, but I'm yet to find that one out.

Can you almost smell the oily man smell? I must admit, it was rather clean, tidy and well-organized, almost disappointingly so. Duncan said I could sit in his workshop and spend the day with a pen and a sketchbook picking up interesting shapes and forms and textures from his space; I'm looking forward to it, maybe in spring.


  1. Great capture of the manly office.
    Still having trouble posting my pictures. I will keep trying.

  2. The stuff he makes have a great combination of rugged appearance and fine delicate detail. It was interesting to see how his work changed over time, too, from some of the leftover or prototype stuff he had, Sue.


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